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    Have been dabbling in family history for 5 years, have had trouble chasing military history....can't find any records even though I know the location of the barracks in aldershot.
    I need help!!

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums John
    If you came to us from Forces War records reading this will tell you why you landed up with us and how we do much more than military records.
    Where to find military records depends on which war(s) you are looking at. if WW11 then records from 1921 on are still held by the MoD. This 'sticky' explains and gives the link where you can download the application forms.
    For WW1 and Findmypast are licenced to provide service records online. They are both pay per view sites and both of them have free library versions. Your local library may have one of them.
    Be aware that 60% plus of WW1 service records were destroyed by bombing/fire in WW11 so it is a lucky person who finds the one they want. What do survive are the Medal Roll Index cards and the Award and medal records but it is rare to find any personal information on these.
    The National Archives has war diaries which give general information about where regiments were and when but these are only of use if you know in which regiment/battalion your people served.
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