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    I have been doing family history for over 25 years,after discovering a cousin who's Dad was at Dunkirk and other places I decided to look it up,if I find anything I'm sure his Daughter will be thrilled,he died in 1953 of TB when she was only 2 and her Mum removed herself from the family.

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums.
    I think you may have come to us from Forces War Records, if so reading this will tell you about the connection.
    Unfortunately you are not going to find much, if anything, about your friends father's service in WW11 online because service records from 1921 onward are still held by the MoD. Your friend can apply for them, at a cost of 30 pounds, and this 'sticky' explains and gives a link where you can download the application forms. You do not need a regiment or regimental number but you will need a copy of his death certificate and be able to give his birth date.
    The National Archives do have war diaries but without knowing a regiment you won't be able to find any general information about where and when he served.
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    Thankyou Christanel.


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