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    Default Help with understanding RAF service records


    I'm trying to understand my great uncle's RAF records. He enlisted on 2 July 1923 for a period of 8 REG & 4 RES, which makes sense. However, the records (see images below) I have obtained reveal records up to 4 August 1928, but there is a stamp across it in purple ink saying which has something unreadable followed by three options that are "Brought into use/Abeyance From/? Taken into use" with a date next to the first option of 25 January 1929.

    There is also a green star which has the following written in it:

    W ?? ???
    D3/354880 (I know the second part is his service number)

    I'm intrigued what is going on because on the birth of his daughter in 1937 he is still listed as a Corporal in the RAF - well after even his reserve service would have finished.

    Any ideas?

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