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    Default Stuart duncan campbell

    Hi New member just joined and I recently have been passed down to me my grand fathers medals first and Second World War,I have tried in the pass to look him up and even been to black watch museum with my dad when he was alive.but found not much apparently the office where records stored was bombed in Second World War.
    I have family stories that said he was mentioned in dispatches and promoted to Acting sergeant on the battle field,I would like to find out if this was true,apparently he was one off the first to volunteer as low service number.
    My dad said he never talked about it,only in his later life when his mind was going would he say stuff and sing army songs,He was in the intelligence core in Second World War in Scotland and my dad remember one day he caught a German spy and brought him to the house,my grand mother was feeding him and when my granddad re enters the room he went mad this memory stuck with my dad as his dad was never like this I guess this was down what happened in the First World War.
    He was injured in World War One and received a silver star, i also have a honourably discharged certificate signed king George and a roll of honour from the Dunbarry parish
    And information or help would be greatly revived here is his service number and regiment and discharge cert number
    1684 A SJT A(Archibald) Campbell Royal Highlands
    265355 discharge cert number
    Silver star number 451500
    On roll of honour is campbell Arch Pte BW

    Another fact he met my grand mother who a nurse that cared for him when injured

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    Hello Stuart,

    Welcome to British-Genealogy.

    Unfortunately about 70% of WWI service records were destroyed later by fire and bombing so you are lucky if you find them.

    There is one particular record available on our sponsor site, Forces War Records, which might help with a year of injury, and perhaps enable you to find a report in a local newspaper.

    There's a partial record on Findmypast (dot co dot uk) which is free to access till noon on Monday, for 'wounded and sick NCOs' which shows Archibald with the service number 265355, along with some other personnel. There's no date.

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