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    Hello, I'm Renae and I live in the US. My ancestors are from Great Britain, Ireland and France. I've been doing genealogy research for several years and am a member of Ancestry.com, so I'm happy to help others who are looking for family members that moved here.
    How I got here...my stepdad is a Brit and has a few family stories. He's been reading his father's journals about his time in the RAF and in India. He found some medals, newspaper articles and references in a few books, but not much else.
    About a month ago he and my mom took an old needlepoint (from 1840 and maybe done by a relative) to an Antiques Roadshow. They were very excited to see something like that and that piqued an interest in it's history. Was it made by a family member and how was he related to them? I was able to find info on it and typed up the family stories that went with it. Boy did that light a fire. Since I really enjoy a good mystery...here I am. This is so exciting!

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    Hi Renae and welcome the British-Genealogy forums.
    Many of us start off the same way, just trying to find out about one thing/person and then the genealogy bug bites again.
    I do envy you and others who have items treasured by family and passed down through the generations.
    Take a look around the forums and when you are ready to post our members won't let you down, they too love a good mystery.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs

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