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    Default Introduction

    I am now retired and starting out on the path of discovering my ancestors.

    Talking to my mother (87) recently about family stories caused me to realize that she is my last surviving ancestor. When she leaves us there is no one to link us to our past and we have no documented family history, just lots of old photos.

    My main tree will follow my fathers line, an easy task I thought as there are not too many Weech's around. Certainly I do not know any. WRONG!! I have already discovered that there are hundreds and they are spread around the globe.

    So what do I know. I know where my grandfather and mother lived, have a few old documents including a marriage certificate for my Great great grandfather dated 1881 and almost everyone I have researched so far have lived in or around Street in Somerset. I also know that the book of baby names they all used was very thin, they all use the same names. This fact is causing many problems, but you all know that problem well I am sure.

    I am enjoying learning from other members whose insurmountable brickwalls are being broken down. I am sure that I will be calling on the same members to guide me through my own and to you all I say "thank you" in advance.

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    Hi Vagabond and welcome to B-G forums.

    We at Brit-Gen love a challenge, so post your query on a relevent forum and we shall try to help you take your family tree further back. Good luck and happy hunting

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