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    I am a 60 year old woman, originally from Scotland but now living in southern England. I am a Social Worker. I came to England 2 years ago because my daughter and granddaughter (two years) live in the beautiful south.

    I am in a long term relationship. I love history and have researched my family tree. I have a dog, I have read a lot over my life but read less at the moment.

    My father served in WW2 and my two grandfathers were in France in WW1. They are all dead and like many I wished I asked the questions when they were alive. I was born only 12 years after WW2 and I think my parent generation looked ahead.

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    Have a look round, see what's where and then tell us about your latest piece of research. I have always found that it pays to keep things simple!
    You will find that many of our forums have generally informative (for that forum) messages (known as stickies) at the top. For example, there's a set about Scottish genealogy HERE.
    The MOD has not yet released WW2 service records for online publication. There's a sticky HERE about how copies can be bought.

    Life is simpler with WW1 service folk. Tell us what you know about them and our experts can see whether they can help.

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