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Thread: Hi All

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    Smile Hi All

    I have been meaning to do my family history for ages.
    Mum died last week so I need to get on with it.
    Only started a few days ago and I have loads of names and dates so its a start
    but not really sure what I am doing!

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    Firstly, Iíd like to offer my condolences - it isnít easy to lose a parent.
    Secondly, be warned - Genealogy is seriously addictive!

    Now that you have a collection of names and dates, itís a good idea to sort them out into a preliminary tree. Youíre going to want a programme, but paper and a pencil is a good start, it focuses your attention!

    One piece of advice that is really important - keep track of what you found where. Keeping track of your sources is essential - itís almost inevitable that you will find conflicts somewhere alone the line, and knowing where you found a particular birthdate or husbandís name will help you sort out what is to be trusted.

    Have a wander round, see what we have and where, and donít be afraid to ask for help. If you look in the ďFinding your feet in BGĒ forum, youíll find a post of how to help us to help you HERE.

    Pam, another of our Mods, posted a very useful message in the Genealogy Beginners Forum HERE

    Above all, enjoy!

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