Hi All, this ones mystified many of us for years - the above is the year and place of birth listed on Census forms in 1841 when he is already married and living in Hardingstone Northamptonshire and 1851 when he is in still in Hardingstone. He and his family emigrated to New Zealand aboard the Midlothian in 1851 and he died in 1868. I know the Irish records are very fragmented, and 'Ireland' is not terribly specific - over the years people have spent considerable time and money trying to locate a definitive birth record, several people on Ancestry have assigned him as the son of a William Cox b 1780 and Dorothy Cook b1788 but I can find no corroborating evidence.
None of us are sure how to proceed, we've checked all the BDM databases and censuses we can find, any pointers? It may be that he'll remain a dead end