My apologies if this is a long thread. I am attempting to locate Reasoner Loveridge and can not find him anywhere. Below is the history information I have been able to gather about him. If anyone can break down the wall to helping me find Reasoner I would be really grateful:
Reasoner Hall (Loveridge)
Born 19th August 1846 in Trosnant, Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales
1848 16th September, birth of brother Ledru Hall (Loveridge)
1851 Census Shown as born in Trevethin, the son of Sarah Hall (servant to Charles Loveridge). Ledru Hall shown as other son, born in Panteague.
Charles and Sarah are shown as married when baptised into the LDS church on 8th May 1853 by W. Richards. Charles Loveridge shown as born in Chard, Somerset on 22nd February 1805. Sarah shown as born in Monmouthshire on 25th December 1822. Charles is the son of William Loveridge and Rachel Cridge. Sarah is the daughter of William Prothero and Sarah Hall (though at time of death in 1904, parents are shown as Benjamin Hall and Sarah Ann Hall)
(Possible brother – Benjamin Hall born 1843 in Pontypool Workhouse. Benjamin dies 1849 age 6 of cholera in the Cholera Hospital at Trevethin)
1851 8th May, Birth of brother, Mazeppa (dies 21st October 1852)
1853 8th May, Charles Loveridge and Sarah Loveridge baptised as members of the LDS (Mormon) Church
1854 1st May, Birth of brother, William (dies 1931)
1856 6th June, Birth of sister, Rachel (dies 1859)
1858 29th April, Birth and death of brother, Thomas
1860 Birth of brother, Nephi
1861 Census Shown now as Reasoner Loveridge (agricultural labourer born in Trevethin), son of Charles Loveridge and Sarah Loveridge – other children include Ledru age 12 (scholar) born in Panteague, and William age 6 born in Trevethin in 1854. (Ledru, born 16th September 1848 was part of the Captain William Stewart Seeley Company that left Fort Laramie, Wyoming on 1st August 1868 – an ox train of 39 wagons comprising 272 passengers – arriving in Salt Lake City on 29th August 1868. Ledru died in Utah 2nd November 1919)
1862 Birth and death of sister, Marintha Althea
1864 Birth of brother, Nephi (dies 1890)
1866 Marriage 22nd October Marriage at the Parish Church of Trevethin of Reasoner Loveridge to Mary Ann Osborne.
Reasoner described as a collier the son of Charles Loveridge
Mary described as a spinster the daughter of Daniel Osborne (mother is Ester (Hester)
1866 Birth and death of brother, Samuel
1868 10th March – baptised a member of the LDS church by W. Park
1871 Census Shown as a miner, head of household
1871 Census Charles and Sarah living in Trevethin with their sons – William (born 1854, dies 1931 in Utah) and Nephi (born 1860, dies 14th February 1890 at Llanerch Colliery)
1877 29th May – baptised a second time as a member of the LDS church by President Samuel Leigh
1879 (2nd Nov?) Reasoner removed from LDS church records “reason not known” – generally suggesting that he moved from the area
1879 Pontypool Workhouse Record for Mary Ann Loveridge, admitted to the workhouse on 6th November 1879 with her children: Bessie (1869), Frederick (1870), William Charles (1873), Rosetta (1874), Hiram (1876), Sarah Ann (1879)
When Mary Ann and the children entered the workhouse Mary Ann was described as ‘wife of Reasoner Loveridge, a miner’
1881 Census Charles and Sarah living in Tevethin with their son Nephi
1888 July 7th Burial of Charles Loveridge at Trevethin
1890 6th February Nephi dies in the Llanerch Colliery Disaster
1890 6th September Sarah Ann Loveridge emigrates travelling from Liverpool to New York aboard the ‘Wisconsin’. Arrives in New York on 17th September (taken from LDS immigration records)
1904 20 April Death of Sarah Ann Loveridge in Highland, Utah
1919 2nd November Death of brother, Ledru Loveridge in Salt Lake City, Utah
1931 9th May, Death of brother, William, in Highland, Utah

Children of Reasoner Loveridge and Mary Ann Osborne:
Eliza, born 14 July 1867. On the marriage information for her marriage to William Thomas on 24th September 1883 parents are shown as William Thomas (deceased) and Reasoner Loveridge (collier). The 1871 and 1881 census shows her as living with her grandparents - 1871 with Daniel and Ester Osborne; the 1881 census with William Murray and Ester Murray (Ester had remarried after the death of her husband Daniel). The 1891 census shows Eliza as a ‘pauper, inmate’ at the Pontypool Workhouse with her children Lilly (age 5); Eva (age 4); Willie (age 3) and Rosa (age 2)

Bessie born 1869, died 17th January 1946 in Salford, Lancashire (this is my great grandmother who married James Carter). In later life she became known as Elizabeth rather than Bessie

Frederick born 1870, married Ellen Evans on 20th September 1896. On the marriage certificate his father is shown as Rezner Loveridge (collier). On the marriage certificate the father was not shown as deceased suggested that Reasoner (Rezner) may still have been alive. At the time of his marriage, Frederick is known as Eli Frederick Loveridge. Eli (by the time of his death Elijah F Loveridge) dies during 1911 in Pontypool. He seems to switch between Frederick, Eli and Elijah

William Charles born 1873, married Agnes Thomas (born 1877) in 1896 in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire. He later married Mabel Powell (born 1886) in 1939 in Hey, Breconshire. William died 30th June 1956 in Monmouth, South Wales – for many years was a Baptist Minister in Monmouth

Rosetta born 19th November 1874, died 17th February 1972 at Ely Hospital, Cardiff, South Wales. Rosetta was married on 12th September 1896 to John Rowe (born 1866, died 25th September 1935). On the marriage certificate, her father is shown as Raisner Loveridge. On the marriage certificate the father of John Rowe was shown as deceased, however Reasoner (Raisner) Loveridge was not, suggesting that he may have still have been alive. Rosetta married a second time in August 1945 to Frederick Underwood

Hiram born 1876, died 25th June 1891 in Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, South Wales. Buried at Caerphilly, St Martin.

Sarah Ann born 1879, died October 1880 at Pontypool Workhouse

On 18th March 1887 Daniel Loveridge, son of Mary Ann Loveridge, was baptised at Llanfrechfa, Monmouthshire. No details of the father are shown. Daniel dies during August 1889 and is buried on 31st August in Trevethin
On 20th January 1891 Thomas Loveridge was born to Mary Ann Loveridge in Pontypool, South Wales (father shown as unknown on the birth certificate). Thomas dies in 1892

It appears that a number of people have used the death date of Charles Loveridge in 1888 as the death date for Reasoner, however I can find no evidence for this in civil registration.

There is an R Loveridge shown as age 28 (born 1853) in the New York Passenger Lists for the ship 'Nevada', (a ship used for Mormon emigration) arriving in New York on 19th May 1881 - sailing from Liverpool to New York. Could this be Reasoner Loveridge? If this is Reasoner then why leave his family behind, and who is the father of the children Daniel (1887) and Thomas (1891), and if it is Reasoner where does he go on arrival in New York?