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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Default Hello Everyone

    Hello one and all. I have been trying to find the final resting place of my great grandfather for quite some time and didn't realise that it would be so difficult. For starters I don't know the year he died and I have no family left to ask. There are 4 possibility's but if I order copies of all 4 death certificates it is going to cost a fortune. I have already paid for findmypast and ancestry and I don't want it to turn into an expensive hobby researching the family tree.

    So that's why I have joined really to see what I can pick up along the way for free (call me a cheapskate lol).

    Also it would be nice if I were able to help someone with their search - you never know.

    Thank you


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    Hello Heatherwhois,

    Welcome to British-Genealogy.

    Unfortunately researching your family tree isn't the cheapest of hobbies - though nor is it the most expensive, even if it sometimes feels like it!

    Find yourself a suitable forum in which to post the details you have of your great-grandfather and our sleuths will see what they can find.
    Details include when and where he was born, who he married and when and where, any census details you have of him (the census references being a huge bonus, especially if the surname is fairly common), if you've found him in the 1939 Register, etc. Basically, the more details you can give the less time people have to waste looking and then asking questions such as 'is he the one living in High Street, Ballamory in 1911'.

    There are lots of sites which are free. May I recommend you check out those listed in this post.
    There are 'stickies' at the top of most of the forums, see this post
    while Lesley wrote a helpful post about how to ask for help.

    Meanwhile, feel free to read the queries other people post, and if you can help, do so.

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