In 2009 I posted a thread Albert Santa Maria-Constance Hart ( 30.05.2009) in which I sought to identify further information on the marriage and subsequent children of Albert Santa Maria and Constance Hart. In the earlier thread I did not put much data on the lines because I lacked information.
I had not located a marriage and subsequent searches did not reveal any data on the lines.
Some 18 years ago a relative had kindly sent me a photograph probably in the late 1940s or early 1950s which she said showed Albert Santa Maria walking (Possibly London) with Marion Richards a relative through his wife Constance Hart. However, the photograph appeared to show a man very well dressed aged approximately in his late 30s or early 40s.
My main question regarding the photo was that Constance Hart daughter of Henry Hart 1838-1919 and Amelia Hart 1941-1928 was born in London in 1866 and if Albert had been her husband he would not have been such a young age during the 1940s-50s.
Amelia Hart in her will of 1928 gave a bequest "To my daughter Constance Santa Maria ( now living at Rome0 all my plated articles and cutlery and my enamel and diamond ring and silver car case".

Constance had a brother Ernest Henry Hart born 1867 and In have posted on him and his lines.
Until very recently, I had not pursued the Santa Maria aka Santamaria/Hart lines further.

However, looking at the Jewish Chronicle Archives this week I came across this entry:
"On the 25th July at Rome, the wife of PIETRO SANTAMARIA, Esq( nee CONSTANCE HART) of a son".
August 1 1890

The newspaper article strongly suggested that the first name of Constance Hart's husband was Pietro and not Albert.

I had also been told by my relative that Marion Richards ( see thread Rosina Marjorie Hart- Alfred Aaron Hart) had gone to Rome to initially look after the children of Pietro and Constance and that they had several children. Marion was forced to return to the UK with the advent of WW2.

Looking at the possible Pietro Santamaria in Rome for the period 1890s and later I came across data on Pietro Santamaria 1863-1930 who was a coin dealer, auctioneer and publisher with his cousin Pio Santamaria 1881-1947 trading as P and P Santamaria (Rome).
Pietro had sons-Alberto 1900-1992, Ernesto 1904-1992; Enrico 1902-1990 and Livio. Livio and Ernesto were described as the last representatives of one of the most illustrious numismatic Italian professionals.

I do not have any confirmation that these lines are related to me via Constance Hart who is a great aunt via my 2x great grandparents Henry Hart 1938-1919 and Amelia Hart 1941-1928.

The JewishGen data base has Italian Resources for Jewish Genealogy. A Guide to the Main Resources on Italian Genealogy. Nardo Bonomi.

However, the data base refers to the difficulty in some cases locating Italian Jewish ancestors because of the lack of centralised data bases.

If any researchers can help me establish whether or not Pietro Santamaria 1863-1930 was married to Constance Hart I would be very grateful.