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    Default Ann - Carr/Maliship/Harper - Norfolk

    Hi all,

    I've really hit a brickwall with this conundrum!

    My 3x paternal Gt Grandmother seems to have had 3 different maiden names (according to her children's baptism records)

    Ann Carr (b. 1863 Norwich) - married Thomas Watts in 1791 at St Pauls, Norwich, Norfolk on the 8th March 1791 (3 months before their son Thomas was born).

    Her maiden name is given as "Carr" on his baptism. They also had a son William b.1793 (maiden name Carr)

    Fast forward to their next 2 children - Elizabeth b. 1795 and George b. 1797 and Ann's maiden name is given as "Maliship" .

    The following 4 children -
    James 1799-1803
    James 1804
    Mary Ann 1806 (my 2x Gt Grandmother)
    Charles 1808

    Ann's maiden name is given as "Harper"....

    A relative of mine has been researching this, too but we're stumped as to the 3 different names?

    We considered 3 different Anns but are pretty certain that Ann is one person.

    She was 29 when she married Thomas which seems a bit late in the day for a first marriage back then, We considered her having been married before but can find no evidence to back this up.

    We have a burial notice for Thomas and Ann and 2 of their children (Ann died 7 May 1833 aged 70, Norwich - Thomas 1834)

    Can any of you clever sleuths help me solve this mystery?
    Would be grateful for any input, thank you :-)

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    Most of this information has been posted in a previous thread.
    Duplicate threads are not allowed because they cause confusion and lead to wasted time of duplicate research.
    I am therefore going to lock this thread, and if anyone can provide further help please post it in the previous thread.

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