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    This new thread relates to two brother and sister Rosina Marjorie Hart 1891-1970 and Alfred Aaron Hart 1895-unknown. Their parents were Edmee Georgina Camilla Greatorex and Napthali Asher Hart. I have posted a range of data on Edmee Greatorex Hart nee Richards 22.7.2009 and Napthali Asher Hart MD 04.05.2009.
    As a recap Edmee was the illigitimate daughter of Alfred Bate Richards barrister, journalist and editor and Marion Greatorex. I have researched the lines in some detail but have not posted data. The will of Alfred Bate Richards names Marion and her children in various bequests. However, Alfred and Marion were not married and Alfred had married Emma Gaggiotti. I hold various GRO Records on the lines plus wills.

    Marion Greatorex died in 1877 but was calling herself Marion Richards:
    GRO Death Record
    9 August 1877
    54 Bernard Street Bloomsbury
    Marion Richards 38 years widow of Alfred Bate Richards editor of a daily newspaper Cause of death Cirrhosis of Liver- Informant Blanche Blogg present at death 37 Upper Bedford Place

    GRO Death Certificate
    12 June 1876
    22 Brunswick Square Bloomsbury
    Alfred Bate Richards 56 Journalist Cause of death Cancer of the rectum about a year Informant Edmee RICHARDS daughter present at death 22 Brunswick Square

    Edmee was born in 1862:
    GRO Birth Record
    27 February 1862
    27 Queens Road Marylebone
    Edmee Georgina RICHARDS girl father's name missing and occupation of father missing Informant Marion GREATOREX Mother 27 Queens Road Marylebone
    Edmee was to have two daughters who appear to have been born to a Percy and a James Richards. However, I have never been able to identify any marriages and the question as to who the father(s) of the children were remains unresolved.

    One daughter of Edmee was born in 1886- GRO Birth Record
    29 January 1886
    36 Marylands Road Paddington
    Marion Constance Minnie -father Percy Richards Musical Critique -mother Edmee Percy Richards formerly Richards- Informant A Hart present at birth 36 Marylands Road.

    The relationships between the Richards and Hart becomes more complex because Henry and Amelia Hart 'adopted' Kitty Richards the first daughter of Edmee. Amelia Hart was the sister of Napthali Asher Hart and the 36 Marylands Road address was that of her father Aaron Hart who was to die in 1887.

    To add to the complex relationships Napthali Asher Hart married Edmee in 1887. I have puzzled over some years why Napthali married Edmee who already had 2 children and why Henry and Amelia 'adopted' Kitty who was not their relative. Importantly, the 2 children of Napthali and Edmee - Rosina and Alfred were to be placed in orphanages.

    As a summary, I know what happened to Rosina but have not been able to trace Alfred Aaron Hart post 1904 although having received a photograph of Alfred as a young man in his 20s.

    I will post further data which shows links to my Hart/Solomon Anglo Jewish lines.

    The 2 children of Napthali and Edmee have a Jewish father but not mother but as will be shown they were placed in the Jews Hospital Norwood.


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    Continuing with the data on the children of Edmee Hart aka Richards aka Greatorex - Edmee had a daughter also called Edmee born in 1884:
    18 May 1884
    49 Bernard Street St Giles Middlesex
    Edmee Kate Percy - no father named and no occupation of father -mother Edmee Georgina Camilla Richards a gentlewoman-Informant Kate MacnaMara present at birth 8 Burton Crescent St.Pancras

    Edmee born in 1884 was to be called 'Kitty' aka 'Kittie'. As stated in the previous post she was adopted by Henry and Amelia Hart and Amelia in her will dated 1928 referred to Kitty as 'my adopted daughter'. Similarly, in a Jewish Chronicle archive newspaper in 1928 Kitty who by then had married Hugh Miller also called herself 'adopted daughter' of Amelia- I will post this article.

    Marion Constance Minnie Richards the second daughter of Edmee died in 1972 unmarried -GRO Death Certificate
    28 March 1872 St Stephens Hospital Chelsea-shop assistant retired 65 Harcourt Terrace Kensington- Informant Raymond Stanley Courtman-causing the body to be cremated-35 Amherst Crescent Hove
    Marion Constance Minnie Richards b abt 1889 London Shop assistant -cause of death Carcinoma of the cascum

    Rosina Marjorie Hart was born 1891:
    GRO Birth Certificate
    7 January 1891
    12 Portland Street Fulham
    Rosina Marjorie Hart -father Napthali Asher Hart Attendant (invalid) -mother Edmee Georgina Camilla Greatorex Hart formerly Richards-Informant N A Hart father 12 Portland Street Fulham

    I have looked at the Free BMD records for the birth of Alfred Hart in 1895 and can locate 1 record for the London area Dec qtr 1895 West Ham 4a 195. The other records have middle names and the only Alfred Aaron Hart for the period was born in 1888 and the Ancestry Com family tree which has his data indicates that he is not the same person as the son of Napthali and Edmee.

    Napthali and Edmee were married in 1887:
    GRO Marriage Record
    5 March 1887 Register Office Paddington
    Napthali Asher Hart 27 bachelor MD The Lodge Marylands Road -father Aaron Hart Gentleman
    Edmee Richards 23 spinster no rank/profession The Lodge Marylands Road -father Alfred Bate Richards Gentleman
    Witnesses-Charles Scallon; Percival E Kirk

    Edmee Hart died in 1897

    17 April 1897
    10 Bendemeer Road Putney
    Edmee Hart 34 wife of Asher Hart a stock broker Cause of death Phthisis pulmarls?
    Informanant Sylvia Richards sister present at death 49 Talworth Street Cardiff

    I will post on Rosina and Alfred in the Jews Hospital and data on Rosina in Australia and her marriage.


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    The following post identifies both old and new data on Rosina Marjorie Hart and her brother Alfred Aaron Hart. In an earlier thread -Napthali Asher Hart MD I had provided records to show that Napthali (born 4th May 1858 Rose Lawn Cottage Oval Kennington father Aaron Hart Boot and Shoe Manufacturer- mother Rebecca Hart formerly CRAWCOUR) had joined the Army Medical Corp under the alias Arthur Robert Hart. He had not been a Doctor of Medicine but instead a Private and had served overseas and in the UK for a number of years. He had also adopted his middle name Asher.

    On the death of Edmee census records for 1901 do not show sufficient data to accurately locate her children or their father Napthali Asher aka Arthur Robert aka Asher.

    However, JewishGen UK Data base Hospital Records show- Rosina Marjorie Hart - Jews Hospital Additional address Hambro Orphanage Roehampton Lane Putney SW- there is no dates to indicate her age or when she was placed in the Orphanage.

    Alfred Hart is also recorded as Jews Hospital age 9 in 1904 Additional address 16c Yukon Road Balham

    New records on Ancestry.Com show London Poor Law and Board of Guardians Records Lambeth- Rosina Hart 15 b abt 1891 Discharge March 31 1906 Jews Hospital Norwood.

    The Jews Hospital was established in Whitechapel in 1830 as The Jews Orphan Asylum and in 1866 Barnett and Isabella Meyers gave 8 acres of land in West Norwood to the Jews Hospital and by 1876 220 children were accommodated.The Hambro House Orphanage or Hambro Home for Girls Putney Heath Roehampton was founded in 1879.."It's object to receive girls who were orphans or fatherless, and to support or train them for domestic service.. Inmates remained until they were 15 years of age... The house was certified to take girls placed by the Boards of Guardians who ran the poor relief and workhouse system. In 1900 the house could accommodate 27 girls..." see Hambro House Orphanage online site and the Jews Hospital online site for more information.

    For sometime I had wondered whether or not any of the Hart or associated families had helped Rosina and Alfred in any way. In particular, at least two of the families the Solomon and Courlander were very wealthy. The Solomon and Courlander had married into the Hart families.

    Within the past week I located on the Jewish Chronicle Archives the will summary of Bella Solomon nee Hart who had died in 1906. Bella was the daughter of Henry Hart and Phoebe Myers my 4x great grandparents. Bella had married Josiah Solomon and the family became wealthy through business. Bella was the sister of Aaron Hart father of Napthali Asher Hart which meant that Rosina and Alfred were her great niece and nephew.

    In the will summary, "Mrs Bella Solomon of Audley House 163 Maida Vale widow who died on June 13, and whose will with 3 codicils have been proved by Henry Josiah Solomon of the Stock Exchange the son and Hermann Henry Myer of 46 and 47 London Wall, left property valued at 29,445 0s 1d gross and 29,825 13s 10d.
    She gave 300 to her son for such charitable purposes he may select, the household furniture to her daughter Amelia Phillips and 100 each to ALFRED AARON HART and ROSINA MARJORIE HART; 150 per annum to her sister Sarah Hart and 100 per annum to her sister Leah Wulfson. One fourth of her residuary estate she gave to her son and one fourth in trust for each of her daughters , Sarah SALAMAN, Amelia PHILLIPS, Eva PHILLIPS."- Jewish Chronicle Archives July 20, 1906

    The full will may provide further information regarding where Rosina and Alfred were in 1906 and if they were in orphanages what happened to the bequests.

    Why the families did not take the children into their households I do not know and why my 2x great grandparents 'adopted' Edmee aka Kitty rather than Rosina and Alfred is not known.

    My information on Alfred Aaron Hart currently ends in 1906 and I have not been able to locate him with any accuracy.
    In the case of Rosina she went to Australia.
    UK Outward Passenger Lists- Miss Rosina Hart age 34 b abt 1891 -domestic Address "Newham" Steyning Sussex. Travelling 3rd class Departure date 29 Jan 1925 Port of Departure London Destination Port Brisbane Australia.

    The address of "Newham" Steyning Sussex was the address of Louis Courlander and his wife Gertrude Hart- Gertrude was the daughter of Aaron Hart/Rebecca Crawcour and sister of Napthali Asher.
    I have no information as to why Rosina was at the address but Louis Courlander was a wealthy jeweller. I know that his daughter Violet married and Australian Percy Ross who settled in Queensland and it maybe that Rosina went to join them.
    The Australia Electoral Rolls show in 1928 Rosina Hart-Nundah Lilley Queensland-home duties and in 1930 Rosina was living c/o A J Meagher-home duties. A J Meagher were a business and I have further notes on the line.

    Rosina returned to the UK-Port of Arrival Hull England Arrival date 20 June 1932 Port of Departure Brisbane- UK address Bridge Road London SW11 -domestic. With her was her 1 year old child Olga. Rosina was not married at the time and Olga was to have her name changed.I will not add further details because of living relatives.
    Rosina married Frederick George Frost in 1932.
    GRO Marriage Record
    27 August 1932
    Register Office Hendon Middlesex
    Frederick George Frost 35 bachelor Fish shop assistant Portland Street Fareham Hants-father James Frost deceased Licensed victualler

    Rosina Marjorie Hart spinster 41 years Domestic servant 18 Woodstock Road Golders Green -father Napthali Asher Hart deceased Medical Practioner
    Witnesses-R Goad; W Harwood

    When Amelia Hart aunt to Rosina and Alfred died in 1928 Hove Sussex she left among her bequests.."to my niece Rosina Hart my album of photographs"-What became of the photos I do not know. Similarly, I have no data to confirm what happened to Napthali Asher Hart aka Asher aka Arthur Robert Hart or to his son Alfred Aaron Hart.


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