Yep, they still do it today lol. That's how there is so many variations of one name. luckily so far at least for 3 to 4 hundred years my Family name has been consistent. I've spotted a few misspellings of names but nothing to bad. Norfolk has a funny dialect and things are spelt strangely to say the least. if its such a big change then I'm very dubious about them or if there is no evidence to back up a claim. A trace of the different lines across the country and where they went, is my goal, basically how we got to where we are. related or not. I know a lot Perkins and some I'm related to and other we have no idea. but from my DNA so far puts me slap bang in that area even if it only 20% of me. the rest is Scandinavia. the more i can find out through others and DNA it should help with the bigger picture, then we can work on the other variations, if I'm still here lol.. been on this for about 20 years now and have over 1000 people confirmed in my family tree, all of which have proof to be there, some have grey areas, which I keep going back too. but like all trees you come to and point where you can't seem to go no further, which I have. so it leads me here. to find the missing 100 years or so between the west side and the east.... a bigger gap than i need, daunting! but its a challenge..