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    Default Hi from West Yorkshire

    I started on family tree stuff back in 1991 when my dad wanted to know more about his father and grandfather.
    Armed with just the knowledge of my grandad's name, his year of birth, name of his father and the village in Kent they came from, I set off to St Catherine's House in London to trawl through the microfiche to see what I could find.
    I found them both easily enough but astonished to find he wasn't an only child as my dad had thought but was one of 5. Both my parents were convinced I had the wrong family but since then (ten years later and my tree was online) had a communication from someone else who had the same great grandfather on their own tree. Turns out another two children existed so my grandad was one of 7.
    Meanwhile I am now married and searching two other aspects on my tree - my grandad on my mum's side used to claim that he was a cousin of the great cricketing legend Frank Woolley and my husband's paternal side of the family (Burgoyne) is somehow related to General John Burgoyne who lost the battle of Saratoga. Yet to connect and prove these claims although have established that on his maternal side (Kensits of Derbyshire) that he is a distant relation of the celebrity Patsy Kensit.
    My tree is Ancestry is turning into a forest!
    Ended up here after searching online for the meaning of FWK in a census of 1841. Turns out to be frame work knitter..

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums
    It doesn't matter how long we have been doing our family tree one (or more) of our ancestors always manages to surprise us eh?
    Family stories are confirmed or disproved but either way the chase is interesting and absorbing.
    Take a look around the site and if you need help with someone pick a suitable forum, post all the information you have and tell us what you are looking for. It won't be long before our members are on to it.
    I have forgotten how I discovered Brit-Gen many years ago but your journey here must be one of the most unusual.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs

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