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    Default Hello from down under....

    Hi All,
    I have been researching my family history for over 20 years and lately have started on the British branches of my wife's tree.

    Unfortunately it is very difficult at times to trace ancestors that came to Australia (unless they were convicts) and now with the DNA testing that can throw a whole new spanner in the works.
    As an example of that, I recently found that a whole branch of a tree that I had spent a year working on turned out not to be related at all (through bloodline) and that my grandfather was the child of a first marriage rather than the second as we had all come to believe.

    Anyway, thanks for the add to the site and I hope to be able to get some great tips from here and also hope that I may be able to help others in return.

    Happy tree climbing to you all....

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    Hello Colin,

    Welcome to British-Genealogy.

    I think most of us have managed to get at least one wrong entry in our family tree though when it turns into a whole branch it must be extremely disheartening.

    Us Poms always welcome Ozzie members because you're more familiar with finding Australian records, and we're happy to reciprocate with finding UK records. As for tips, try the 'stickies' at the top of the various forums.

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