Hi All I have hit a Brickwall and bounced after 40 years at this i cant seem to get beyond George Addenbrooke b 1470 d 1548 he owned land in Romsley under the abbey of Halesowen in 1499 and in 1548 at Romsley Regis then belonging to the Abbey. George according to all my research the progenitor of all the Addenbrooke's alive today making this is very frustrating, could any one suggest an area of search. I have found a Genealogist in New Zealand Mr L.M. Ward who claims two DeAddenbrooke's in 1276 his claims are:

(1) There are two editions of "Burkes Landed Gentry". One dating back to the 15th century gives the early parish records of the Addenbrookes, and the other dating back to the 4th year of Edward the 1st, 1276. I have contacted the now printers of Bourk's and they say this statement is false.

(2) In the 4th year of Edward the 1st 1276 Edward De Addenbrooke served on a jury of gentlemen, under Sir Beatram De Burg, High Sheriff of Salop, to adjudicate in a dispute between the abbots of Halesowen and their tenants. I an find no record of this Adjudication and no mention of a Edward DeAddenbrooke, i spoke to someone researching the Deburg Family they stated they had no record of a Sir Beatram De Burg, in the tree of that year.

(3) Richard De Addenbrooke present as a member at the King's court on the court rolls I have searched every court roll i an find 5 years ether side of that date with no

Admittedly my searching is restricted these days as i am now a pensioner and cant afford to pay for any of the research visibility. I have Tried every avenue of reserh i an access for free and begged and borrowed as much as i an from the Harlequin society who where very helpful and others, The Heralds at the collage of Arms are as they have always been for 100's of years if you don't cross there palms with silver don't expect any help even with a simple question.