Trying to determine the parentage of Daniel Henderson Grose who was born in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland in 1793. My thought is that he must be the son of Daniel Charles Grose, the artist and nephew of Francis Grose the antiquarian. Daniel Charles Grose seems to have settled in Carrick on Shannon around 1791 when his uncle died and he took over the artwork of the Antiquaries of Ireland book. Daniel Henderson Grose left Ireland for the military in 1811, served in the West Indies. He finished his commission and took up acting. He acted, wrote, and managed theatres mostly throughout the north of England from 1817 until the mid 1840s.

My guess on the parentage is circumstantial at the moment. Daniel Charles Grose arrived in Carrick on Shannon just prior to the birth of Daniel Henderson Grose. I've not found reference of any other Groses in the area prior to that. Daniel Henderson Grose named his youngest son, Daniel Charles Grose. Daniel Charles Grose (the elder) was a painter and writer. Daniel Henderson Grose was a writer and actor and I have seen evidence that he painted the set decorations as well. Daniel Charles Grose (the younger) became a prolific painter in America and Canada.

However, evidence of the link eludes me. I know Daniel Charles Grose raised a family in Carrick on Shannon, but I don't know his wife's name. I have seen a newspaper article regarding the death of one of DCG's sons, who was described in the article as being the first born. He was born in 1801. But the newspaper may have been inaccurate, of course, or perhaps this was the eldest child of a second marriage?