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Thread: Hi All,

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    Default Hi All,

    Just discovered this website, I first got the genealogy bug 35 ish years ago in New Zealand - pre internet, it was all microfilms via the local LDS, and word of mouth. When I came to the UK in 1997 I packed a basic outline of what I had, which sat in various boxes for most of 20 years. Now it's very much out of the box, the internet is a wonderful thing for genealogists, and the basics have been fleshed out considerably. Of course there are quite a few dead ends, and I'm immensely grateful for some wonderful people who have shared their research with me.
    My trees have absolutely raced backwards, and I'm in the process of checking them over - ensuring the dates are correct and free of weird duplicates etc. I'm very enthusiastic about it, so getting on with as much as possible, and trying to save the appropriate documents and sources on the cloud so they will be accessible anywhere.
    It seems the number of documents available online increases rapidly, so I hope one day to resolve the many brick walls

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    Welcome in, Ruth. Have a wander round and pick somewhere suitable to tell us about some of your research!

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