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    Wink Serendipity Strikes

    Eight years ago I discovered my g'dad had an older brother. "Oh that will be the pilot killed in the war" said one of my aunts.
    Two years later I found his Death Cert on LancsBMD and discovered he was killed in a pit accident the day before his 28th birthday. That was bad enough but then I realised I had no idea who the 'pilot 'was or which war
    Fast forward to Monday inst. I was searching for my g'ma's eldest brother in America, 5 records popped up the last being for his son's memorial at Runnymede.

    UK, Commonwealth War Graves, 1914-1921 and 1939-1947
    Cemetery: The Runnymede Memorial Part II
    Berry, Sgt. Richard Alan, 754402, R.A.F. (V. R.). 7th November, 1941. Age 23.
    Son of Richard & Clara Agnes Berry, of Shotton Colliery, Co. Durham. Panel 39.

    He and all his crewmates were killed on a raid to Berlin, he wasn't a pilot.

    After EIGHT years of bewilderment and frustration I have found the mystery 'pilot'. He was my g'ma's nephew.

    Now I have another mystery. Did his parents go to America or Canada or is that another family member?
    I favour the latter, the prime suspect being the son of the person who started the kerfuffle, my g'dad's elder brother!

    Oh happy days!


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    Doncha just love families? We discovered the birth of a child that died age 10 days. This was a sister to my late father-in-law. My husband agonized about how to tell his father this discovery because he had never heard a mention of this child in the whole of his life.
    We took the family tree and the birth and death certificates to his Dad and showed him.
    "oh yes," he said "that's my sister that died before I was born. I thought you knew about her."

    It seems that humans assume that if they know something then those nearest and dearest will know it, almost by some strange osmosis. All we have to do is devise the wording of questions so that they divulge what they think we already know - not hard eh?

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