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    Default Any advice about this DNA test

    Of course this is my first time writing in this forum, or any other. I have done extensive research on my family tree and a few months ago I took a DNA test, and surprise. My mother told me that there was Irish in her family, (Father is American) but she was born and raise in Staffordshire, Newcastle, my DNA came back that I was 55% Irish, 30% British, 10% Scan, and 5% American. Amazing, I have traced one ancestor to Ross Commons Ireland, but she can to England, in the mid 1800.
    I have found many 4th, 5th cousins all in the States, but not one match overseas, my grand daughters who took the test matched up to me. I'm looking for other family members in England or Ireland or Scotland who match me. My father said that there was a boy before he married my mother in Midlands area in England and if so I would like to try to reach out to him. I was an only child. Any advice about this DNA test would be wonderful. Thank you for you time and any in-put you can add.
    I should add that I was raised in Clanfield, just outside of an old military base south-west of Oxford and have many relatives still in England and Wales.
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    I was about to say welcome to the Brit-Gen forums but i see you actually joined in 2012.
    I have moved your post to the DNA research forum where it will get more attention from people who have more knowledge than me about DNA
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