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    Default Straight talking .....

    I was scanning thru the microfilms of Baptism Registers at my Local Studies Library and came accross this one - tucked into the register from 1902 is an invite/ticket for a class on a Sunday afternoon - Straight Talks with Men - A Homely, Healthy, Happy Meeting for Men.
    It was obviously left tucked in there and just microfilmed along with the whole page.

    I'm sure 'straight talks' had different connotations to how it might be interpreted nowadays - and probably meant informed and sober discussions between gentlemen, without silly womenfolk being involved.

    Nevertheless I'm worried about googling it and leaving 'Straight Talks with Men' in my browser history!!

    Cheers, MTS

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    I would like to think, that this 'Straight Talks with Men', would be more about mens attitudes towards women, children and home, being a Church led meeing. That is, less drinking, working to provide for family, less time in the pub, etc etc.

    As for leaving it in your browser.....you can delete it from your browsing history.

    But, what an interesting find. It may possible to research the Church Cleric/Rector, before 'smudging' your browser history, and see if he was that much of an influence, in the community.

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    2018 and we live in a different world. However, some 50+ years ago I did spend an amount of time with people of closely defined beliefs. There were meetings where, separately men and women would discuss a wide range of subjects that they believed were not for the ears of the opposite sex or juveniles. Although I use the term, wide range, it was anything but and in general related to all things sexual, hygiene, "women's bits and pieces" and what may be deemed as perverse. I can only image what such meetings would have been like some 50+ years before. I do believe that even today there are those for whom such matters are beyond discussion. I listened, thought and made my own decisions back then and have lived my life the way I chose, other may have taken a different route, such choices are neither right or wrong, they are choices. Apologies if this was a ramble, but it is many many years since I heard the expression that caught my attention.

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    There is current a book being sold titled “Straight Talks to Men” ; I imagine the talks followed similar lines.

    A review says this about the book -
    “God’s job description for men! In this classic work on the biblical roles and responsibilities of a man, Dr. James Dobson shares timeless wisdom you can use as a husband and father. A deeper understanding of God’s perspective on manhood will help you provide stability and leadership in your home—and ultimately enjoy these benefits of a family that pleases God:
    • A God-given sense of your purpose in the home
    • A clear understanding of masculinity in today’s world
    • A wife who feels supported and loved
    • Children who know God and feel good about themselves
    • A solid system of family finances
    • Meaningful times of togetherness and mutual encouragement”
    In other words a discussion group similar to many the have taken place for decades or even hundreds of years.
    As we have gained from the past, we owe the future a debt, which we pay by sharing today.

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