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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    I am MinnieMac from Australia. A small place called Cooktown is my home and Captain Cook and crew were the first tourists. I have been researching my families for many years. To go from writing letters to computers has done wonders and I am always busy searching. I love gardening but the tropics are not kind and also fishing. Ancient Egyptian history is also a lifelong interest. Husband, children and grandchildren one of which I hope will have the research bug and carry it all on. Families are Wickham, Osborn,Page, Kirkup, Jones, Mottram, Bartley, McQuade. Plus more...
    Best Wishes,

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    Welcome to the Brit-Gen forums MinnieMac

    Living where you do it must have been an exercise in patience in the early days of your research waiting for the postal deliveries. Now we expect instant gratification via the internet. Not that we always get it.
    I think the most we can hope for is that someone holds on to all our stored paper work and USB sticks, hard drives etc until one of our rellies gets to an age where they develop an interest in family research.
    If you need any help with your ancestors just choose a suitable forum and post away.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs

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