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Hi Pam
Brave? No, possibly silly and maybe misleading - yes. Impatient? Yes.
I think that Andrews could possibly be Minnie's maiden name because there is a Minnie Andrews born Stratford Essex in one of the censuses (can't remember which one) who is with a father William.
The marriage certificate of Minnie and William Clarke will reveal all.

Re the bit in bold - been there and ended up incorrectly too many times to continue to be impatient. I've learnt caution. Though I do have to sit on my hands at times.

Bill - some news which might make your new hobby cheaper.
The PDF certificates are limited to births 1837-1916 and deaths 1837-1957.
They don't look as 'pretty' as certified certificates, as they're black and white as opposed to red, green or black depending on whether it's a B M or D certificate, and they're sent by email.
If you scroll down the page in this link, you'll see an example. https://www.