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    hi Christina,

    thanks for looking that up for me I do have the marriage certificate for William and Elizabeth
    and I have William death resurces. he went under henry William in Australia.
    the only thing I haven't found is William war records I have his number and where he came to Australia for.

    I don't know what Williams father died of he died in 1839 at east retford and I would like to get a copy of his grave to put with his file.

    I cant order the films because I am in Australia and I would know how to go about getting them .


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    Sorry I have not been able to post on this thread prior to today.

    First let me squash the myth there are no certificates before civil registration in 1837, there are.
    Some examples are on the following pages.


    A certificate is simply a certified entry of an event, nothing more nothing less.

    There has been a legal requirement to register births to comply with various laws at various times in history from at least 1644 to the present day. In 1695 it was the legal duty of the parents of a child to register its birth within 5 days with a fine of 40 shillings was imposed on parents who omitted to give notice within the five days and a similar penalty was payable by the vicar.

    Incidentally it should also be noted that one of the main reasons for civil registration to be instituted in England and Wales was to provide proof for inheritance purposes, I.E. family history. So never allow a registrar office to fob you off by saying they are too busy to provide certificates for family history that is the main reason they are there in the first place.

    Parish registers are archived at either the parish church or more commonly the Dioceses Archive, (which may also be the county record office, but not all Diocese Archives are in the same county as the parish).
    Many historic parish registers have been microfilmed and an increasing number are available digitally online from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the Mormons or the LDS). Where possible try to view copies microfilm or digital of the original parish register rather than transcripts as these are more likely to be accurate and be aware there may be more than on “original” parish register or section of a parish register for a parish. Some churches have up to 4 copies if the Bishop’s transcript is included each copy containing differences, errors, omissions or additions.
    Never be content with being presented with any particular register try to find out if there are other copies available and view every copy you possibly can, the last one you view may be the one that holds the key to further research.

    As we have gained from the past, we owe the future a debt, which we pay by sharing today.

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    On this page choose the state in which you live in OZ and it will show you where the family history centres are located.
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    Thank you Guy,

    I was so hoping that you'd see this thread and prove me right.
    (Page now bookmarked for future reference. )

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