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    Default Lost threads etc in the last Month

    It appears we lost some threads & posts made between 23 August and mid-September.

    I can only apologise sincerely for these, and for those that joined at this time and now cannot log in.

    As technology advances, we as a technology company, try to adopt new best practice with the security enhancements and reliability improvements that this can bring.

    To these ends we moved BGs website along with all other websites we operate (Forces War records and Forces Reunited) as well as our corporate website to Amazon web servers.
    The advantages this gives is a smoothing out of supply of the website (ie the sites will not noticeably slow down when lots of people are using them all at the same time) and, in theory, the near impossibility of a server crash (as the information is 'raided' or shared as a small part on many parts of the server system and duplicated in some areas to ensure it can't ever be completely down at any time.

    Unfortunately, during this change over we lost some of the linking ability to link members to their account and posts made during this 1 month period and by an oversight also lost the necessary backups we make very regularly of this, hence we are now no longer in a position to restore those posts and member accounts.

    For several reasons this situation can never be repeated as processes are now more robust in these exceptional circumstances, plus we intend to only ever have moved servers once to this extent.

    In the meantime I apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience caused by the lost posts and for those new members who lost their accounts -please re-register your account to log in.

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    I have my BG 'account' set up so that I receive daily notifications via email of posts made in threads to which I have subscribed.

    I also have a very bad habit of not deleting said emails, so with one thread I have been able to restore some of the lost posts, and with another the original poster has been able to repost and I have reposted my reply. Respectively:!

    If any of you have similar email notifications lurking in your inbox/dedicated folder, could you please copy-and-paste the whole email to me via PM and we'll start a restoration programme.
    This is for emails received by you between 22 August and 23 September inclusive.

    Some of the posts may have been made by newcomers to BG, and we can perhaps begin a list of those people.

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