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    In this post I will provide Census data relating to William Henry Crawcour son of Henry and Mary Briddon. Transcription errors in the surname of Crawcour presented problems but I have traced William Henry Crawcour to 1871 Census and up to 1911:
    As a re-cap William Henry Crawcour married Mary Jane Thorpe in 1869. In the 1871 Census William Henry Crawcour appears with his wife and mother in law. Ancestry.Com have made a transcription error and the family are named as CRAMOM- RG 10 3300 88 17 (Crown Copyright TNA) New Street Lords Hold Rutland
    Mary J THORPE H Widow 58 Postmans Widow b Rutland Cottesmore
    William H CRAWCOUR son ( this appears to be an error and should read son in law)Married Commercial Traveller 31 b Middlesex ( this also is an error given he was born in Nottingham)
    Mary J Crawcour dau M 20 b Rutland Oakham
    William H Crawcour grandson 6mths b Rutland Oakham

    This is the 1851 Census showing Mary J Thorpe wife of George Thorpe:
    (Crown Copyright TNA) HO107 2092 269 28
    Gas Lane Lords Hold Oakham Rutland
    George Thorpe H M 39 Post Office Messenger b Rutland Nottingham
    Mary J wife 3? b Rutland Cottesmore
    Eliza dau 2 b Rutland Cottesmore
    Mary J dau 2mths b Rutland Oakham

    1881 Census ( Copyright TNA)
    RG11 3177 37 27
    William H Crawcour HM 42 Wine merchant b Notts Nottingham
    Eliza wife 32 b Cottesmore
    William H son 10 b Rutland Oakham
    Mary E dau 8 b Leicester
    Charles E son 6 b Leicester
    George H L son 5 b Leicester
    Anne E S dau 3 b Leicester
    Benjamin R son 1 b Leicester
    +2 servants
    More to follow

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    William Henry Crawcour son of Henry and Mary:
    1891 Census (Copyright TNA)
    RG12 2679 76 21
    Gordon Villa West Bridgford Nottingham
    Wiliam Henry Crawcour H M 52 Wine Merchant b Nottingham
    Eliza wife 42 b Rutland Cottesmore
    Mary Eliza dau s 18 b Leicester
    Chas Edward son 16 CC Clerk b Leicester
    George Harry Low son 15 b Leicester
    Annie Elizabeth Selina dau 13 b Leicester
    Benjamin Robert son 11 b Leicester
    Sarah Rebecca dau 9 b Kirby Leicester
    Ruth Jane dau 3 b Nottingham
    +1 lodger

    1901 Census ( Copyright TNA) RG13 3161 64 9
    90 Musters Road West Bridgford Nottingham
    Eliza Crawcour wife M 52 b Rutland Cottesmore
    William Henry Crawcour H M 62 Inventor-Scientist b Nottingham
    Clarke Edward son s 26 Grocer Assistant b Leicester
    Annie Eliz dau s 23 b Leicester
    Benjamin Robert son s 21 Lace Warehouseman b Leicester
    Sarah Rebecca dau s 19 b Leicester
    Ruth Jane dau s 13 b Nottingham

    Death Index
    Eliza Crawcour b abt 1849 Death age 77 Dec qtr 1926 Basford Nottingham 7b 262

    1911 Census
    (Copyright TNA) RG14 20475
    99 Worth Road West Bridgford Notts
    William Henry Crawcour H 71 Artist own account at home b Nottingham St Marys Parish
    Eliza wife 62 Married 37 years 7 children 5 living 2 dead b Cottesmore Rutland
    Mary dau s 38 Nurse b Leicester St Marys Parish
    Rebecca dau s 29 no occupation b Leicester Forest East
    Ruth BEW dau 23 Married b W Bridgford Nottingham

    8 Rooms

    Here are a range of GRO Records relating to the above:
    Marriage 2 April 1910 Register Office Nottingham
    William Arthur BEW 26 bachelor solicitors clerk 62 Shakespeare Street Nottingham -father William Henry BEW -Solicitors Clerk
    Ruth Jane CRAWCOUR 22 spinster no occupation 159 Loughborough Road West Bridgford- father William Henry Crawcour Water Colour Artist
    Married by Certificate
    Arthur W CLEMENTS
    P? Harold SHELTON

    1 September 1946
    98 Chaworth Road West Bridgford UD
    George Harry Lowe CRAWCOUR 70 Retired Commercial Traveller ( Brewery) Cause of death Cardiac Muscle Failure; hypostatic pneumonia; Hyperpyesis

    W H Crawcour son in attendance 11 Mabel Grove West Bridgford

    10 January 1903 Register Office Basford Nottingham and Derby
    William Henry CRAWCOUR 32 bachelor wine and spirit traveller Musters Road West Bridgford-father William Henry Crawcour Commercial Traveller
    Kate Frances FEATHERSTONE 32 widow no occupation Epperstone Road West Bridgford -father William WHITELOCKE -Corporation Gas Inspector
    Married by Certificate
    Witnesses- Frederick W S WHITELOCKE; Frances WHITELOCKE

    13 January 1918 159 Loughborough Road West Bridgford UD Nottingham
    William Henry CRAWCOUR 78 Retired Water Colour Artist Cause of death Hepatic Carcinoma- Informant Ruth Jane BEW daughter present at death 159 Loughborough Road West Bridgford

    1 Nov 1914 Cathedral Church Parish of St Mary Truro Cornwall
    Frank Amos COZENS 68 Widower House Decorator-King St St.Mary Truro-father Daniel Gauge COZENS Tau????
    Annie Elizabeth Selina CRAWCOUR 39 spinstert no occupation King St St Mary Truro-father William Henry CRAWCOUR Water Colour Artist
    Witnesses- William Albert VIEGE; Ada Martha VAGE


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    Probate- Frank Amos Cozens 15 Lemon Street Truro House Decorator died 27 March 1917 Probate to Annie Elizabeth Selina Cozens widow Effects 320 19s 4d

    Probate- Annie Elizabeth Selina Cozens 131 Alford Road West Bridgford Nottingham died 7 February 1966 at Newstead Hospital Nottinghamshire Probate to William Hutton CRAWCOUR retired bank manager Effects 242


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    In #5 of this thread I provided data from Criminal Records and newspapers regarding Charles Edward Crawcour and included variations of the Crawcour surname in the records. The following Newspaper article confirms that Charles CRAWCOUR was the correct individual sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in 1855- Nottinghamshire Guardian Thursday Feb 28 1856
    Removal of Convicts - Governor County Gaol Nottingham "from that place of confinement at Nottingham to the the prison at Millbank under sentences of penal servitude and transportation.... Charles CRAWCOUR"

    More on William Henry Crawcour b 1839 Nottingham- Parents Henry Crawcour/Mary Briddon;
    Glasgow Herald Thursday Sept 21 1882
    William Henry Crawcour 6 Millstone Lane Leicester and Leicester Forest East Wine and spirit merchant petition for the liquidation of his affairs in Leicester County Court estimated at 3550

    The Electrical Engineer May 16 1890
    Improvements in connecting telegraph and telephone wires -Patent- William Henry Crawcour Gordon Villa West Bridgford Nottingham


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    Data on Ruth Jane Crawcour who married William Arthur Bew:
    Canada Overseas Expeditionary Force- William Arthur Bew born 3 July 1882 Nottingham Residence 4 Wellboro Apts 410 Jaryis St Toronto Canada trade Solicitor Age 33 10mths wife Ruth Jane Bew 159 Loughborough Road West Bridgford Nottingham
    Served Robin Hood Territorial 3 years ; Q O R 6mths sergeant

    UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1915 Ruth Jane Bew housewife 26 and Frederick Bew infant 7 months -159 Loughborough Road West Bridgford Nottingham County of last permanent residence Canada- country intended for permanent residence England Port of Departure New York- Arrival Liverpool 11 April 1915 - ship Lusitania

    Death Index Ruth J Bew b abt 1888 Sept qtr 1923 age 35 Nottingham 7b 223

    Death Index Frederick Crawcour Bew b 4 Sept 1991 died Dec qtr 1991 Nottingham 8 1135 age 77
    The London Gazette 21 January 1992
    Frederick Crawcour Bew 2 Cyril Avenue Stapleford Nottingham Tailor Presser (Retired) 19 Dec 1991


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    More data on the William aka Henry Crawcour lines:
    1911 Census (Copyright TNA) RG14 20428
    3 Collington Street Beeston Notts
    Benjamin Robert Crawcour H 31 Married Lace Buyer and Shippers-Employer b Leicester
    Edith Mary wife 25 1 child 1 child alive b Nottinghamshire
    Sylvia Mary Crawcour 1 daughter b Beeston Notts
    Nora Mabel DENT sister in law 27 single b Nottingham
    +1 servant
    7 Rooms
    United Grand Lodge of England Freemason Membership
    Benjamin Robert Crawcour 34 b 1880 Initiation 26 Feb 1914 Lace Manufacturer Duke of Portland Lodge Nottingham
    Wrights Directory of Nottingham 1916
    Benjamin Robert Crawcour Commission Agent Plumtre Street ( TA Sentinel, TN 2269 h 100 Chaworth Road WB

    Death- Charles Edward Crawcour 33 Basford June qtr 1908 7b 132- Lost his life drowned in boating accident on River Trent -singleman 159 Loughborough Road

    Death Edith M Crawcour ( she was Edith Mary Dent wife of Benjamin Robert Crawcour) age 63 March qtr 1949 Nottingham 3c 403
    Death George H L Crawcour 70 Basford Sept qtr 1946 3c 23
    Death Mary E Crawcour 81 Sept qtr 1954 Basford 3c 23
    Death Benjamin R Crawcour b76 Dec qtr 1955 Nottingham 3c 340
    Death Gertrude Crawcour 78 Basford March qtr 1958 3c 944
    Death Sarah R Crawcour 80 March 1963 Nottingham 488 ( Sarah's GRO Death Certificate shows she died 15 Feb 1963 General Hospital Nottingham of 131 Alford Road West Bridgford of no occupation Spinster- informant W H Crawcour nephew 23 Trevor Road West Bridgford Notts

    The Will of William Henry Crawcour son of Henry recorded - Commercial Traveller County of Leicester - all personal estate and effects to 'my dear wife Eliza the Daughter of Mary Jane THORPE of Leicester widow

    See South African State Archives for data on William Henry Crawcour ( Billy) b 1870 Oakham Rutland and married to Kate Frances Featherstone nee Whitelock died 18 Oct 1938 Addington Hospital Durban SA- the SA Records give a date of 1938 for William and 1942 for Kate.
    There are living descendants for some of the above lines but I will not post data on them.


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    This is a follow up post on William Henry Crawcour 1870-1938 and Kate Frances Whitelocke 1870-1942 (confirmation of her death date is required from South African Records). The focus of the post is on the Death Notice for William Henry Crawcour in South Africa and on the children of Kate Frances Whitelock from her first marriage to Thomas Roworth Featherstone 1864-1897.These two children William Roworth Featherstone and Elsie Roworth Featherstone were the step children of William Henry Crawcour.
    The reason for my adding them to the data base is because various family trees on the lines have failed to trace them.

    I have already posted on this thread data on William Henry Crawcour 1870-1938 and his parents and siblings. In addition, I have recorded his military service. I am aware that he appears as a Chelsea Pensioner in receipt of an army pension but currently do not have his full service record.
    The South Africa, Pietermaritzburg Estate Files 1846-1950 have a Death Notice for William Henry Crawcour died 1938:
    William Henry Crawcour b 1870 Oakham Rutland England died 18 October 1938 Durban
    Father/mother deceased - no names.
    Age 68 Occupation Gold Mines
    Residence-Quadrant House Esplanade Durban
    Married-Kate Frances Crawcour-Married Community-Nottingham England
    Died Addington Hospital Durban
    Name of children deceased or majors/minors Nil
    Personal Clothing left;Property of Estate exceeding 300 Nil

    A will was left by William. The handwriting for the will introduction is difficult to read- Kate Frances Crawcour address 37 C?..Road ..? Durban
    Will made 20 May 1930
    Wife Kate Frances Crawcour born Whitelocke formerly Featherstone married in England Currently residing Boksburg Transvaal Province Witnesses J Berks; H Solomon
    The will is brief and names each other as sole executor and beneficiary

    I will post on the Featherstone children from the first marriage between Kate Frances Whitelock and Thomas Roworth Featherstone.

    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data relates to the parents and siblings of Kate Frances Whitelocke see Free BMD Birth Index Kate Frances WHITELOCKE March qtr 1870 Nottingham 7b 278. The surname Whitelocke often appears with the letter 'e'omitted from the surname end.
    1881 Census (Copyright TNA) RG11 3347 110 36
    2 Clarence Villas Snenton Nottinghamshire
    William WHITELOCK H M Gas Meter Inspector b Sussex Battle
    Fanny wife 36 b Sussex Battle
    Fred son 12 b Middx Islington
    Kate dau 11 b Nottingham
    Jessie dau 5 b Nottingham
    +1 boarder

    By 1891 Kate had married Thomas Roworth Featherstone.
    1891 (Copyright TNA) RG12 2702 92 17
    67 Queens Walk St.Mary Nottinghamshire
    Thomas R FEATHERSTONE H M 26 Lace Manufacturer b Nottingham
    Kate F Wife 21 b Nottingham
    +1 servant

    Kate was a widow with 2 children by 1901 Census.
    1901 (Copyright TNA) RG13 3161 41 18
    119a Millicent Road West Bridgford Nottinghamshire
    Kate F FEATHERSTONE H Widow 31 Living on own means b Notts
    William R son 7 b Notts
    Elsie R dau 9 b Notts
    +1 servant
    1911 Census (Copyright TNA) RG14 20637
    7 Cavendish Vale Sherwood Nottinghamshire

    Kate Frances CRAWCOUR 41 Married Housewife 8 years children none b Nottingham Alfred Street
    Elsie Roworth Featherstone step daughter 19 bNottingham Queens Walk Private Means

    There is an 1899 address record for Mrs Kate Featherstone 21 Millicent Road West Bridgford

    Currently, I do not know where William Henry Crawcour was living 1911.

    With regard to William Roworth Feathersone the son of Kate and Thomas there was a Rootsweb message (I will confirm the date/source) which referred to 3 Featherstone sisters from Nottinghamshire leaving the UK and settling in New Zealand.
    In the case of William Roworth Feathersone he married Doris Adelaide DEARMAN -GRO Marriage Index William Roworth Featherstone-Doris A Dearman Dec qtr 1917 Mansfield 7b 241

    The couple settled in Auckland NZ.Doris was born 1898 to parents James John Dearman 1875-1932-Alice Adelaide Dutton 1876-?

    NZ Electoral Rolls show 1928 Willie Featherstone surfaceman and Doris Adelaide Featherstone in Kaukapaka up to 1935 and in 1963 the couple were living 21 Leamington Road Gen Eden with Willie retired. In 1981 Doris was at 7 Mickle Street Te Atatu Aucklnad Pensioner.

    The NZ Cemetery Records 51069 show Willie Featherstone 1893-1980 died 18 Feb Lovingly Remembered -Waikumete Cemetery Book of Memories Auckland NZ.
    Currently, I do not have any record of when Doris died or is buried.
    I have no current data on Elsie Roworth Featherstone post 1911 but am still researching.

    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data confirms that Elsie Roworth Featherstone went with her mother Kate and step father William Henry Crawcour to South Africa.
    South Africa Transvaal Civil Marriages
    9 May 1912 Germiston Transvaal South Africa
    George Edgar SPRADBROW 29 Bachelor born Durban Natal Residence East Rand Boksburg
    Elsie Roworth FEATHERSTONE 20 Spinster born Nottingham England - Mother; father dead Abode East Rand Boksburg
    Special Licence
    Witnesses C Graif; Geo ? ...allerson?

    Various online records indicate the father of George was also named George.

    There are several records for the Baptism of the children of Elsie and George.
    The baptisms date from 1914-1920.
    Kathleen Joyce Spradbrow
    Baptism Jan 24 1915 born 27 Dec 1914 Parents George Edgar and Elsie Spradbrow- father's occupation amalgamator Abode Boksburg

    Baptism 27 August 1917
    Edgar Roy Spradbrow born 19 Jan 1917 Abode 83 ..? Married Q..? East Rand

    Witnesses Walter Augustus B?..tamish?Annie Elizabeth B?..tamish?

    Audrey Frances Spradbrow Baptised Feb 16 1919 born Nov 12 1918
    St Michael and All Angels Boksburg
    Abode Vogelfontein -father Amalgamator
    Annie Spradbrow

    Bessie Elaine Spadbrow St Michael and All Angels June 27 1920 born April 14 1920
    Abode E.R.P.M Vogelfontein - father's trade Amalgamator
    Witnesses M? J A Lawrance
    Mrs Lawrance
    Mrs Nicoll

    The South Africa Records show the reference to Deceased estate George Edgar Spradbrow born Durban -Elsie Roworth Spradbrow 1952

    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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