Still looking to find out about my 3rd great-grandfather Robert Stevenson. Here is what I know. He married Ann Jamieson on 26 Aug. 1808 Scotland. Rev. William Hamilton of Kilmarnock presided. Both bride and groom were of Stewarton. It appears that all of Robert and Ann's children were born in Stewarton and I know that he was a stone mason in 1837 (source Pigot's directory) on High Street. I believe he had a brother John Stevenson who worked as a "slater."

I do not know where Robert Stevenson was born or to whom. I expect that he died sometime between 1837 and 1856. Located some death records for a Robert Stevenson in Stewarton in 1838 but they reveal no information other than name and date. In fact, any pre-1855 death record seems to contain scant info.

Robert Stevenson has not been located in any census records, which is why I think it is possible that he died before 1841 - but it is also possible that work took him elsewhere and that he died later at another location.

His wife Ann, daughter Elizabeth, and son John appear to be living in Stewarton on Main St. in the 1841 census but the father is not with them.

So, I have Robert's marriage record, the record for birth of his daughter, the death record for his wife and daughter, but none of these tell me who his parents were.

John Stevenson, slater - likely brother - was living in Stewarton in 1841 and 1851 on Main St. The 1841 and 1851 census indicate that John was born in Glasgow - somewhere between 1788 and 1791 - so I think it is possible Robert was born there as well. I also think Robert was older than John (Robert's wife Ann Jamieson was born in 1783).

So in searching for birth records, there are lots of possibilities. Is there any place and/or organization in Scotland that may be able to help - aside from hiring a private researcher? Town records or history? Records of stone masons?

I found records of a Robert Stevenson living in Beith. His wife was Janet Houston and he was a mason and he died in 1861. Don't think he's my guy but I couldn't say with 100% certainty that there wasn't another wife. But they married in 1799 - before my Robert married Ann.

Family legend from multiple branches of descendants is that there was a relationship to author Robert Louis Stevenson but I have been unable to figure a connection.

Any help or suggestions would be most greatly appreciated. I have searched extensively at Ancestry, Scotland's People, Family Search - but nothing that I feel sure about.