I came across an interesting court case while perusing newsapers.com today. I think (by which I mean it is possible not certain) this could be a link that will lead to clues on the ancestry of the "other David Mendes" - the one that married Abigail de Joseph Fernandez da Silva at Bevis Marks in 1774 (when my David Mendes was 5 so really could not have been him if Miriam's information is correct). It was a court case that took place at the Guildhall in 1796 regarding a number of defendants charged with fabricating the will of Aaron Fernandes da Sylva ( the spelling given in the court case - but the names are so similar that spelling really could have been altered). In short, Aaron, an old and frail, and as witnesses suggested blind old man, was murdered along with his servant at his home in Chelsea in January 1793. He died intestate and his closest living kin Issac Fernandes de Sylva was determined his heir. A man named Benjamin Mendes Henriques and others conspired to create a false will that said Benjamin had been left 1000 pounds of Aron's estate.The court proved to the satisfaction of the jury that Aaron was virtually blind and could not have produced the will created by Benjamin. Other witnesses confessed they were paid by Benjamin to lie about facts, including as to who murdered Aaron and the servant. A witness had claimed that it was his nephew David Mendes who had killed him and and then confessed and killed himself. Now I know this says "nephew" but as it was very common to marry your cousin I think this could be the David Mendes who married Abigail de Joseph Fernandez da Silva. I have not been able to tie all these people together with any information on ancestry. If this is the other David then that would put his death somewhere between 1793 and the court date of 1796. Very interesting case! If we can tie these people together more conclusively it would help eliminate confusion with David Mendes b 1769.