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Thread: Baker/Miller

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    hi Ken
    how are you. still trying to unravel where the inheritance came from for Sarah Georgiana Hodges. It is believed as you suspected from the Blackmore family. I have found with help from Janet Sarah's fathers parentage and at the moment grandparents.
    Seems her grandfather and great grandfather from the Hodges side both remarried and were well off so to speak, but they had children from their second marriages so I gather the money would have gone to them. Have you had anothr look or come across anything. regards

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    Hi Doreen. TBH I haven't really pursued it any further except to see if either of the girls get mention in the Bristol newspapers of the time - which they do not.

    With regard to the phrase 'independent means' - don't get too hung up looking for an inheritance. The term could mean many things.

    They were not suited to the Rural lifestyle and their Father was earning enough to pay them an allowance?

    The Father was on too meagre an income and sent them to the City to make their own way.

    Clifton, was at that time (and still is), a bit of an 'upmarket' area.

    More and more Clifton began to attract the leisured classes, including a Bristol School of artists who found the Avon Gorge and Leigh Woods attractive subjects. Between 1801 and 1851 the population grew from about 4,500 to 17,500. An Assembly Room and Hotel, now the Clifton Club, were built in The Mall. One of its visitors was the young Princess Victoria being shown off to her future subjects by her mother, the Duchess of Kent. These rooms soon proved too small for the growing population and the much larger Victoria Rooms were opened in 1842.
    Quite a place where a 'Party Girl' could make rather a healthy living, either as a Mistress to one of the wealthy Merchants, or, with Bristol being such a busy and prosperous Port, a Companion to any of the many Ship's Officers that must have arrived almost daily.

    Going back to the 1841 census entry and the head being Wm Reed. There is a previous thread, almost 4 years ago, that makes mention of a William Bateman Reed.


    Not sure if it is the same William Reed or if there might be a family connection, I don't recall one, but it starts to get interesting from Post #8 onwards.

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