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    The 1911 Scottish Census is only available on Scotlandspeople, a Scottish Government website, there is no problem about anyone doing lookups as Scotlandspeople is a pay per view site and not a subscription site so whoever does the lookup is actually using credits to do so unless they are accessing the census in person in some Scottish locations.

    When or whether a transcription appears on one of the other commercial sites would I suspect depend upon an agreement being reached with the GROS


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    Thanks, Andy. I must say I agree with you about the appearance on commercial sites. I guess we just have to bide our time and see what happens. I was awfully disappointed to see it wasn't on Ancestry having read the ads saying we could access it there. Guess they forgot to say "not Scotland".

    Never mind, the world won't stop turning if I have to wait a little longer Apart from anything else, it gives me something interesting to look forward to and that's all to the good!!!!


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    Have you been to the scotlandspeople site? There is quite a lot you can do to ID where people are, were born, married died etc. without actually having to but any credits. In your case, if you have reasonable information on name, age, occupation, location (in previous censuses), other people in the household and the name is not that common you may well ID your family in 1911.

    With careful searching you can get 5 records for 7 which (for BMDs) is an incredible bargain compared to E&W and they contain much more information to boot, but it is a personal decision for census records. However, I don't expect the 1911 Census to appear on a subscription site any time soon.

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    Philippa, just had a notion. Why not try Electoral Rolls for Scotland?

    I had a google & among many others, this came up:

    Official Scottish records - Available from 1513 - 2006.
    Free surname search.

    This takes you to ofcourse Scotlandspeople with a free surname search & 'valuation rolls' for 1915. any good?

    I guess you'd need to know pretty close where they were living which you'd have from earlier censuses.
    Or maybe a search in Wills & Testaments. have a shot nothing ventured etc.
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