I am interested in Francis COGHLAN, born Dublin around 1806, who was the author of a long list of European and British travel guides through the 1800s. Many of these are readable as free Google books.

Francis apparently had a wife named Catherine, with whom he had at least two children, christened in Westminster (London) England in the 1820s. By the 1851 census, Catherine COGHLAN (born in Monmouth, Wales), was 50 years old, and visiting her daughter Frances. Frances was newly married to William Daniel MORRISON, a tailor; and new step-mother to his several children. (I descend from one of the MORRISON children--see the thread "Mud wall"--Daniel MORRISON, tailor, 1800s, in the Brick Walls forum.)

However, Catherine's husband the same year had another wife, named "Ann" and several young children, in Peterborough, Northamptonshire. The wife was running a "temperance hotel". RG09/3597/25 p. 14

Ten years later, the Francis COGHLAN family was in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, and the wife was now called "Amie". HO107/1747/317 p. 1 The wife's surname may be KIRBY or KUHLY, and she was born in the Channel Islands around 1820.

Their eldest son Charles was, at 18, a "comedian". This young man went on to become a famous actor in Britain and in the USA. His younger sister Rosamond (Rose) also became a famous actress, and their sister Elizabeth (Eily) became a famous singer. After Eily's death, her young son was apparently raised by aunt Rose, and also became an actor.

There are many online photos, news stories, scandals, legends and misinformation attached to this theatrical COGHLAN family. Any relatives out there?

Jane Elderfield