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    Default Bakers mentioned in Old Bailey records


    Old bailey had following records:

    Bakery (29)
    Bread (5113)
    Baker (7897)

    I had a particular interest as my ancestor Caroline McCARTHY was sent to Australia 7 Years for stealing 9 loaves on account the property of Mary & William TIBBY who had a Bakery on King st Holburn (Covent Garden)

    There are many mentions of bakers, bread etc

    "1193. CAROLINE Mc CARTHY was indicted for stealing, on the 18th of April , nine loaves of bread, value 6s. , the goods of Mary Tibby .

    MARY TIBBY . The prisoner called on me and got these loaves for Stevenson, who is a customer of mine; I do not know that she came on the 18th of April - she came several times and got several loaves from time to time, and stated herself to be Stevenson's servant.

    GEORGE STEVENSON. The prisoner had been one week charwoman to me in January last, but was not in my service in April - I never sent her to get these loaves.

    Prisoner. I was in great distress, out of a situation, and would not turn into the street; I took the bread in her name - I throw myself on your mercy.

    GUILTY . Aged 18. - Transported for Seven Years ."
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