I have been working on family history for about 6 months. I will post enquiries on the appropriate forums. I am working on family trees for my family, both maternal and paternal sides, and my husband's family. My family are mostly from Staffordshire, both Ross and Richards on my father's side, Rodgers, Meadon and Shaughnessy on my mother's side, I have a lot of information for some of them, thanks to a Debretts tree done for the Richards family in the mid 1960's, I have traced the Ross family back to 1798 but have now run into 'the brickwall', so will be asking for help with that one.
The Rodgers information I have goes back to 1840's when they came from Ireland and then they get lost, I have some information about where they came from (Roscommon)but Irish records are a problem. The Shaughnessy's are proving very difficult, they came from Ireland about 1840-1850, appear in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1860's but tracing some family members has been very difficult, they don't appear as a unit on any census so far, and maybe there was a second marriage, more help will be needed there.
My husband's family Dods from Berwickshire Scotland is well researched to 1719, courtesey of a family bible but deciding who was who before this is proving tricky. As we are in Canada I am not able to look at church or historical society records so I am hoping to find people who may have access to older information.
Thanks in advance to whoever may be able to help!