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    Default Would love some help with my HITCHINGS

    Spelt lots of variations including HUTCHINGS/HITCHINS/HICHINGS/HUTCHINS/also possibly without the 'H'

    Can anyone help find my 6x gr-grandfather?

    Francis Hitchings born c 1704 Michinhampton,GLS. parents unknown but named his boys Daniel and Thomas repeatedly until one survived early childhood.

    I only have Minchinhampton as place of birth from the marriage details, so could be completely in the wrong place. Proceeding generations are in Stroud,GLS.

    Married Susannah CLOSE born c1701 Minchinhampton,GLS., in Sep 1729 also in Mnchinhampton. She was the daughter of Johnathon CLOSE. They had 9 children at least between 1729 & 1745.

    So far have not been able to find Francis or Susanna's deaths.

    I am descended through the eldest son John who married Mary KING, their youngest son Job was my 4 x gr -grandfather

    A couple of generations after Francis they were non-conformists, but do not know if Francis would have been?

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    The Glos genealogical database from Glos Archives is quite good on variant spellings.

    Include some HitchOns wills 1780s Minchinhapton which might shed some light on Francis.

    Also noticed another Daniel - Horsley 1800s.


    P.S. Relate to your query as I have an isolated Hichens in my family and also only guesswork as to her origins. Hannah Hichens m. John Merry 1764 Arlingham. In our case we even wonder if the name should be Higgens as there is a grandson with Higgens as a middle name ... though also a few Hitchens families in surrounding villages ... who knows ....? No progress on this after decades of research on all the other branches ....! Thanks for the Itchens idea too.

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