My indexing has progressed to Deaths in Britford, Wilts. Some thoughts to consider when running into difficulties finding deaths: if you find a death which matches for name and age, but not for where you expected to find them, consider whether they might have been in a communal facility.

Britford is a small parish to the south of Salisbury, but as a registration district, it covers a much bigger area, including Fisherton Anger, a part of Salisbury to the west, across the river Avon. In this registration district are to be found: the Britford Workhouse, the County Gaol, Salisbury Infirmary and a private Lunatic Asylum. Although most of these places have mainly Wiltshire people inside, the Lunatic Asylum did not. As it was private, many people came from elsewhere in the country, such as a merchant from Herefordshire. If you are lucky, the death entry will tell you enough to confirm whether it is your person; Wilts BMD will have the ages, before 1866. Can anyone suggest other places with similar concentrations of such large places of habitation? pwholt