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    Default The Giles name in Cricklade St Sampson

    I have traced the Giles branch of my family tree to Cricklade St Sampson and have managed to work out the identities of a few of them who belong to my family tree.

    What I am wondering is whether all of the people with the surname Giles in Cricklade St Sampson are likely to be related?

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    They might be, Robin - but then again they might not.

    I thought that all my MASCALLs were related within a small Cambridgeshire village, but it turned out that there were two distinct families - completely unrelated. According to GENUKI, the population of Cricklade St Sampson in 1831 was 1,642 so you may find that there is more than one family.

    The only way to check would be to investigate every birth, marriage and burial record in the Parsh Register, plot them all and assume nothing!

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