I have, over time, developed a simple tool that effectively controls the research that I am doing on the numerous branches of my family tree.

The tool, on an Excel spreadsheet, is basically divided into three sections: genealogical information including source data; research history with hyperlinks to various family trees sites; and filing records where hardcopy documents have been filed. All the foregoing is per individual.

Trace notes, completed research and areas of focus are also included.

One of the main advantages is that the tool enables the researcher to digress when doing research. For example, coming across a web site that may be useful later or finding information about an ancestor by accident and recording it immediately without losing focus on what the researcher was originally trying to do.

The tool, suitable for beginners and experienced researchers, requires little to no Excel spreadsheet knowledge.

Please contact me at brianbs(AT)telkomsa(DOT)net (email address disguised to avoid spam mail) for a pack consisting of guidelines, example spreadsheet and a template.