I have a cousin 4x removed, Charles Joseph PAGLIANO (b 1798 in London). He, and his father before him, ran the Sabloniere Hotel in Leicester Square, and very successful they were too. Charles was able to retire from the hotel business by the time he was 46 and devote his time to charitable activities. I know that he was involved as an honorary officer (eg secretary, treasurer, etc) with a number of RC charities, including the Brotherhood of St Vincent de Paul, the Aged Poor Society and the Associated Catholic Charities; all in London. I am keen to find out if he had any involvement with any outside London or any non-Roman Catholic charities.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who makes a sighting of a Pagliano anywhere in the UK during the period from about 1794 when father John Baptist Pagliano arrived from Italy until the early 1860s when Charles died, all his children having predeceased him.

All information gratefully received.

Many thanks