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    Default Gunsmith of Halesowen, Worcestershire


    I've found listed in trade directories of Staffordshire, Worcestershire & Warwickshire William Hadley my x3 Great Grandfather:

    1851 White's Directory Staffordshire: gun-ram rod and breech pin maker (Blackheath).
    1865 Jones's Mercantile Directory of The Iron District of South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire: breech pin manufactorer (Gorsty Hill).
    1872 Post Office Directory Worcestershire: Smiths, Blacksmiths & Farriers: William Hadley, Gorsty Hill.
    1884 Kelly's Directory, Worcestershire: William Hadley, Smith, Gorsty Hill.

    Interstingly I also found this:
    1884 Kelly's Directory, Worcestershire William Hadley George & Dragon 55 Halesowen Road

    On the 1891 census William's son George Hadley is the Landlord of the George & Dragon pub at 55 Halesowen Road. is the William listed above his father I'm wondering ?

    I've always assumed that William was a factory worker making theses breech pins on mass but given the above information it seems to prove he was self employed. How could I find out anymore information on who he did business with etc. I think he must have worked by himself because on the census returns he's not listed as a employer so I'm thinking maybe he had his own workshop at home.

    Would his job have been skilled and how would he have learned his trade because I'm wondering if his family were involved in the trade.

    Would the person have to pay to be included in the directories ?

    Any ideas would be smashing.

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    I rather think Peter Goodey will have the answer for you here., re registration of a business etc which I have forgotten. Hope I'm right & not redfaced again.
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