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Have sent for the Records and if it details 1/2 of what my Dad saud, it should make for interesting reading. For example - his rank on being discharged in 1946 [see 1st post for exact date] was Lance-Bombardier. He said that during his time, he was promoted and demoted so many times that the "stripes" were attached to his uniform with Sello-tape since it made for easier attachment and removal.

He never bothered to claim his medals and if he was entitled to a pension and it had to be claimed [after 1959] rather than being automatically paid, I know that he never applied. Now, if that is the case, then like most things he couldn't be bothered with, it is probably gone with the sand of time,however it will be nice to know that his country recognized his efforts.:

On the subject of medals, he told me that he was entitled to 4. A few years ago he informed me that, as I wanted them to pass on to his granddaughter, it was too late. He and I then went to a Medal Show and picked up the 4 that he was entitled to, a really nice display case and they were proudly displayed at his funeral, along with a photo of him and mum on their wedding day [he in full uniform] November 30, 1940.

Now having, at long last, received his paperwork, the only things I can so far confirm are:

1] The medals are not claimable- if I want them now, I have to purchse them. As we've purchased already - big deal!!

2] No demotions - but a comment that he was a sober and upright N.C.O who fulfilled his duties competently. I wonder if my dad got the C.O 'drunk' prior to the completion of that comment?

3] No pension.

At least I have an interesting set of papers to pass on to my daughter.