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    Default hello - CHATTERTON on ship 1640 to USA

    hello - CHATTERTON on ship 1640 to USA

    Hello, looking for how to research William Chatterton
    on ship's manifest - Adam's Anne ship to New Haven Connecticut USA
    in 1640. Settled Mt Carmel Connecticut 8 miles inland from New Haven.
    How do I go about finding where he originated from in 1640 ?

    Thanks for any assistance, direction, help..

    Mark Chatterton
    Baltimore Maryland USA

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    Hello Mark, welcome to Brit Gen, I found this at the Internet Archives (address below), if you haven't seen it before, there's a paragraph on the Chattertons, on page 44, was the ship's name "Anne" and do you know if he came with a wife and even a rough idea as to his age.

    Colonial History of the Parish of Mount Carmel
    by John H Dickerman


    or page 44 at,

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    Mark, I'm tracing a Chatterton family that was in Baltimore late 1700s, early 1800s. There is an Azubah Chatteron, apparently a widow, that appears in Baltimore in the following places. I believe all these records are for the same Azubah Chatteron who died in 1824 according to Methodist records. Azubah deeded to her son Thomas Kennedy Chatteron property in Fell's Point and he is listed thereafter as Thomas Kennedy and seems to have dropped the Chatterton name. Thomas Kennedy [Chatterton] was a sea captain and legend has it that his father was a sea captain by the name of Thomas who died when Thomas Kennedy Chatterton was 12. It appears that the father was a ship captain sailing between England and Baltimore, possibly Barbados. I'm trying to find out the name of Azubah's husband, etc.
    1796 Baltimore City directory
    Azenbush Chatterton, female, milliner, 27 George Street, Fell’s Point
    1798 Baltimore City Directory
    Ezubeth Chatterton, female, and in 1801-1803 tax records
    1799 Baltimore City Directory
    Azenbush Chatterton, male, 39 George Street, Fell’s Point
    1800 Baltimore Census (Is this Azubah, a widow?)
    Archibald Chatterton, George Street, shopkeeper
    2 m under 10
    5 m 16-25
    1 f under 10
    1 f 16-25
    1 f 26-44
    1803 Baltimore City Directory
    Azubah Chatterton, female, George Street, shopkeeper
    Newpaper article in Baltimore 20 June 1807
    James Watkins and Miss Mary Chatterton were married on Monday June 8, 1807 by Rev. Bend
    1810 Baltimore City Directory
    Azubah Chatterton, female, 25 Anna Street, Fell’s Point
    1819 Baltimore City Directory
    Isabella Chatterton, 7 Alisanna, Fell’s Point

    Patte Wood
    Lexington, Virginia, USA

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