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    have to say my husband does exactly the same! but after 10mins, he can't help laughing! I do feel sorry for them but his theory is while he keeps them on the phone, they're not scamming someone who may fall for it

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    I’ve had a lot of these calls. Working in IT, I find these scams either infuriating or amusing, and, depending on my mood, will deal with them accordingly.

    I had a long argument with one caller about how he knew my computer had a problem. I kept asking him, “what is my IP address”?, and after many attempts of him trying to tell me IP address was my home address (!), he finally conceded and admitted he didn’t know.

    “So how do you know I have a problem, then?”, which resulted in him hanging up.

    I’ve also wound them up with the pretence of being utterly ignorant of computers (“which one is the Any Key?”), etc., and I’m surprised at how patient they are!

    I’ve also strung them along for a bit, allowed them to tell me a number of times that they are acting behalf of Microsoft, then, when I confirm I’m in front of the computer, which it switched on and connected to the internet, wait for them to tell me to click the “start” button, to which I say “there isn’t one”, then claim I have a Mac too (which I don’t)!

    I’ve also on occasion handed the ‘phone to my 3 year old daughter to complete the call.

    My favourite, though, was a caller claiming to be doing a “regional survey”. I asked where she was phoning from (India), and then asked what region I was in. After a number of times of her telling me my region was “UK” (!), I said “no, what region am I in??, to which her reply was priceless: “er….London?”!!

    On a more serious note, this scam is particularly unpleasant as it’s an easy one to fall for. The caller asks you to open Windows Log File, which will often show “errors”. These are quite normal and nothing to worry about, but, before long, the caller is asking you to go to their website and input credit card details to pay to fix the problem.

    Not only are there no problems, your credit card details could well be stolen by these criminals.

    I’ve read up on the scam, and they will always use English sounding names, but change the name every day. I asked one caller to tell me the name of his manager, to which he replied “I’ll have to go and find out”!!

    Even though I have Caller Display, it only ever shows either “International Call” or “Out of Area”, My advice to anyone who is Caller Display is, if you don’t know anyone who lives abroad, don’t answer.

    Or answer and wind them up.

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