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Thread: Illegitimate ?

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    Default Illegitimate ?

    If a baptism is shown with the mothers name only is this proof of illegitimacy? John Abel of Wednesbury was baptised in February 1778 the son of Mary Abel. I can find no other children baptised to Mary or a marriage for her but can find a baptism of a Mary Abel, the mother in September 1751 making her 28 when John was born if its the correct mother. A Mary Abel was buried in Wednesbury during May 1786 but gives no details as wife, widow, daughter etc. Alternatively i have found a marriage for a Mary Abel at Rowley Regis in 1784 to a widower named Thomas Tilley but no parish of origin is recorded. What do you suggest in order to find out more.... The Mary born in 1751 was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Abel so no connection to them when naming her child. If she is the mother of John and the daughter of Thomas i can only get back another generation when Thomas Abel marries Mary Biddle at Darlaston and can find no other references to the Abel family in Wednesbury before 1721.

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    Hello there,

    You may find clues in bastardy papers, which could be held by the local archives. The Parish did not want to support the child unless they had to and so sought out the purported father for payment.

    Although relating to Lincolnshire, there is an excellent explanation of them on GENUKI.

    I would also recommend the book My Ancestor was a Bastard.

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    Hvae you looked at the actual Parish record which may show 'Baseborn' child or even the fathers name...local knowledge written by the Vicar

    The Bishops Transcripts ( PT's) may carry only an extract of the info.

    Follow genuki link as to where the Records are kept.

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