As you navigate your way around the various forums, you will find that some of them are labelled Sticky. This means that, no matter how many posts are made on that forum, these particular posts will always remain at the top.

Most of the Stickies contain very useful information which members may want to access quickly without having to use the Search Box. Most have been written by Moderators, but some have been contributed by ordinary members over the years. Apart from a few which openly invite members to add extra information, most Stickies have been closed, in order to prevent them being cluttered with new research queries on the subject, which should of course be put into new threads on that particular forum.

If anyone notices a dead link on a Sticky, or the author of a Sticky wishes to add information to a thread which has been closed, please contact one of the Super Moderators by Private Message.

There are Stickies on all sorts of subjects. Beginners may like to start here, where you will see a couple of Stickies with the padlock symbol at the top.

As you might expect, there are several Stickies at the top of the Useful On-line Sources Forum. The Wills Forum has an Idiot's Guide to Wills, and there are also good Stickies on how to trace Military and Naval ancestors on the Occupations Forum.

Individual County Forums often have Stickies, and there are also Stickies on how to research in particular parts of the world, such as Scotland, Wales or Ireland - or Across the Pond (where there are informative Stickies on research in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA.

I cannot possibly list them all. This is just to let you know that when you click on any forum it is worth checking out the Stickies at the top.

Happy Hunting!