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    I have someone who was a marble cutter. Would this be someone who cut slabs, e.g. for gravestones in a mason's workshop? Or actually worked at a quarry cutting stone? I'd be grateful for any information, thanks.

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    I do as well! He lived in Dunbars Close in Canongate, Edinburgh. I would be interested in any answers here as well. I think he cut marble for headstones or use in the building trade.

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    Default The Panorama of Professions & Trades

    Hi both...

    While researching carpenters and joiners in my line, I chanced upon this useful book, The Panorama of Professions & Trades, or, Every man's book by Edward Hazan and others, published in January 1837: It is an ebook free on Google Books and the link should take you to the chapter about masons. (Fingers crossed!)

    I'm not sure whether 'marble cutter' is mentioned - read it and see, and then please report back because it is nicely obscure .



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