The following data links the Walter Henry Hanson and Grace Hart descendants to the siblings of Grace who settled in Australia. The children of Walter Henry Hanson 1856-1927 and Grace Hart d 1926 Collingwood Victoria include Percy,Abraham,Albert,Grace, Walter, Rebecca, Joseph. Some of the children were born in Queensland and others in Victoria.

The death certificate of Grace Hanson nee Hart mistakenly refers to her mother's maiden surname as Croker but it is in fact Crawcour and many of Grace's Crawcour and Hart relatives settled in Australia and still remain.

The lines are all descended from Anglo Jewish Ashkenazi roots in the UK and parts of Europe.

Grace Hanson nee Hart siblings- Henry, Rosina, Phoebe, Bernard,Asher all settled in Australia most around NSW. The lines include marriages to Goldsmid ( Phoebe Hart m Albert Aaron Goldsmid); Bernard m Rachel Pyke; Henry m unknown; Rosina unmarried. It is possible that Flora and Eve two other siblings of Grace also settled in Australia. Numbers of the Goldsmid and Hart lines are buried in Rookwood Cemetery NSW.

The majority of Crawcour Australians descend from Isaac Crawcour and Esther Cashmore and Isaac is the son of David Crawcour b 1797-1882 who died in St Helier Jersey. Grace Hart's mother is Rebecca Crawcour daughter of David. Rebecca Crawcour married Aaron Henry Hart ( son of Henry Hart and Phoebe Myers).

If any Goldsmid, Hart, Hanson and related families are interested in their family roots they are welcome to contact me.