I have only recently come across this thread about Harry Waters. I'm not sure if you know this but his parents were Kalman and Kate Goldwater. Kalman Goldwater immigrated to Ireland from Lithuania circa 1902. His wife Kate, who was 10 years younger than him was born in England. Kalman Goldwater was my grandfather's uncle, which is what has me interested in researching the family. If you're interested in continuing the discussion please post on the thread or email me directly at Brian.smith@McGill.ca.

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One of my more recent ancestors was a pianist who was famous in classical music circles. She was my Nan's cousin and died in London, where she was born, in 1996, as far as we know without issue. A collection of her documents is held at the Callaway Centre, Australia. These were donated by her husband, a Dr Harry Waters. Why they are in Oz is a mystery as my side of the family have no known connection to the country so I have emailed the Callaway to find out and am awaiting their reply.

Dr Waters was, as far as Google tells me, a GP with a surgery at Castelnau in Barnes, SW13 - this is also the address we have for his wife, Irene, who performed under her maiden name of Kohler (found via A****'s phone directory registers). The Google results for Dr Waters at the Castelnau address appear to be quite old and a search of that address indicates that it has been sold at least once in the past 10 years and that the property may now be owned by a design comapny. Given that Irene Kohler was born in 1909 it seems reasonable to assume that her husband, Dr Waters, has also passed away, hence I feel that I can mention his name on this site.

I would like to find out more about Dr Waters - perhaps he had family he knew my ancestor. I dont know anything much about her apart from her professional life as it seems she had little to do with her extended family.

My cousin ("B"), a professor of music and duettist who is well known in musical circles herself, met Irene by chance a couple of times when she was starting out in her career and Irene judged competitions. My parents divorced many years ago and so I didn't know of "B" until I began researching my family and found that she was doing the same via a genealogy website. Sadly, "B" is seriously ill now and so to cheer her up a little it would give me even more pleasure to discover more about Dr Waters and thus our Great Aunt Irene - but where would I start?

If anyone has any idea as to whom I could contact to find out more of Dr Waters I would be incredibly grateful.