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    Quote Originally Posted by Se´┐Żn FDO View Post
    Hello! My g-g-great grandfather on my paternal side was Dr. Francis Dancy Hamilton, born 1835-37.
    Coincidently, my mother's family have strong Cavan roots! I'm quite intrigued with the Dancy name. I note you mentioned a first name of Porich, which to me is the phonetic pronunciation of 'Patrick' spelt in Irish - Padraig - Given that the Hamiltons are clearly of Protestant planter stock I wonder if the Dancys have can be traced back to native stock?! I'm born & raised in Scotland by the way!
    Hello again Sean
    As I said my data is limited as the material is only relevant to my my sister-in-law's family tree, however the information I have may shed some light on the points you raise:
    The link to the Scottish royal family is via a Reverend James Lyon who was ordained 1671 after completing an MA at Aberdeen. The church records show his birth listed at Goldrum in Scotland circa 1642. Initially he was a curate to a Mr Anthony BARRY*. He took up a vacancy in in Co. Neath with Church of Ireland. It is believed there is a direct link with the Lyon family (that devolved into the Bowes-Lyon family) thus the royalty link.

    Rev. Frances Dancey HAMILTON b. circa 1837 was the son of Robert Pochrich Dancey HAMILTON (b.1807) and Ellen PALMER. R.P.D. was the son of Frances Dancey HAMILTON (b.1772) and Martha BARRY (potential link to Rev J Lyon's original posting*).

    Martha BARRY was the daughter of Richard BARRY and Mary METGE (a descendant of Baron METGE - an allegedly wealthy Huguenot family who resettled in Eire following the Edict of Nantes)

    If you would like more information, I suggest you email me your postal address, which I will pass on to my brother Derek and his wife Frances (nee HAMILTON - granddaughter of Francis Dancey HAMILTON.

    Kind regards
    Alan A HART
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    If you google "cochrane palmer rush hall" the hits returned should include "Sporting Magazine - Volume 6 -page 344" (google books).

    Cochrane was the Rev. Robert's father in law (named in various newspapers reporting Ellen's marriage).
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    Just to clarify any confusion about the use of Pockridge/Pockrich/Pockrage or any other variations, as a first or middle name, being a corruption/anglicisation of Padraig/Patrick. It isn't.

    In Co Monaghan in the late 1600's ,there was a family with the surname Pockrich, several of whom had the role of Sheriff of Co Monaghan in the late 1600's & into the early 1700's.
    Additionally there are several families in Wilshire with surname Pockrich/Pockridge, & even a Pockridge Road (or may be Lane, I can't remember!) It is likely that the Pockrich line originally came from Wiltshire to Ireland. As probably did th eDancey's as there are Dancey families in Gloucester in 1600's/1700's

    It is also the case that the use of Pockridge/Pockrich etc as a first/middle name came about in Co Monaghan/Co Cavanetc, through a marriage of a female Pockrich to a Dancy/Dancey. There is a deed record of 1682, of a Francis Dancy & an Abraham Danc both yof Co Monaghan, being co-trustees of lands of a Micheal Pockrich (also of Co Monaghan)

    By the way, the first Rev Francis Dancey Hamilton (born about 1772), was the son of Robert Hamilton, (exise surveyor) of Navan and Mary Dancey (married 1768). Mary Dancey was a cousin of Pockridge Dancey of Kilcarn House in Co Meath, close to Navan. Pockridge's father was Francis Dancey,whohad lands in Co Monaghan & who marrried Susanna Barry of Co Meath in 1716. From this Francis, the Dancy/Dancey line can be traced back to a marriage in mid 1600's between a Pockridge Dancey and a daughter of Walter Corry (originating from ?Dumfries)

    best wishes
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